Fishing on Lake Geneva

I put at your service my professional experience from the last two decades of fishing course on Lake Geneva. It is a lake with fantastic landscapes and offers exceptional fishing days. From my home port of Sciez in Haute-Savoie, I will guide you with my spacious and safe 6m – 200ch MS Ranger boat according to your fishing desires. The fishing days and courses are all carried out in “catch and release” to perpetuate the endemic species.

Fishing courses are :

  • Initiation to fishing methods Predator – pike / perch,
  • Pelagic Fishing with soft bait
  • Initiation to fishing methods Salmonid – whitefish / char.
  • Sinker Method “Canin” for withefish
  • Lure fishing for char

Main objective of the fishing day : Learn all the technical basics of fishing methods to become independent.

Fishing training are :

  • Perfection to the fishing methods Predators – 2 days – pike / perch,
  • Soft and hard bait fishing
  • Spinning and casting fishing
  • Perfection to fishing methods Salmonid – 2 days – whitefish / char

The main objectives of the fishing trainings : Mastering all the techniques, knowing how to establish the right patterns to succeed, knowing how to use electronics.

  • Specimen Hunting – 2 days mini – big pike / perch / whitefish,

The main objective of the fishing training : To understand and adapt to catch beautiful and big fish.

  • Initiation and perfection in the predator and salmonid fishing methods – 4 days, 2 techniques mini.

The main objective of the fishing training : to make you happy by discovering the techniques that you will like.

Daily price by boat on the Lake Geneva from the port of Sciez (8h)

450 euros in individual,
then 300 euros per trainee – base 2 pers.,
then 250 euros per trainee – base 3 pers. who come together.