General conditions of internship

Benefits – Services – Prices

The pricing includes what is necessary for your fishing course, namely: the fishing equipment (rod, reel, line), baits, flies or lure, the open boat equipped with electronics if necessary. The price doesn’t include fishing license, accommodation, meals, boots or waders. Transfers from the meeting place to fishing grounds by car or boat aren’t included in the pricing as they are free services. Any additional teaching hours may be charged in addition for a sum of 50 euros per person. If you wish, Mr. Ludovic Briet will provide you with a free structural address (houses, guest rooms, hotels, campsites) located near the fishing grounds. The fishing course begins with the arrival of the intern and ends eight hours later or before at the request of the trainee.

Mr. Ludovic Briet proposes on-demand and bespoke, all year round, fishing courses by day or on several days, on fishing weekends and services on specific fishing methods such as pike fishing with lures, perch in vertical method, trout and grayling with fly fishing in the river, whitefish and char in vertical chironome method on lake Geneva…

As these are sports practices in natural environments, the fishing methods taught remain very random. Depending on the level of the trainees, the climatic conditions and the nutrition of the fish, the catch of fish is absolutely not guaranteed, even if it remains one of the objectives of the courses disclosed during the day or the fishing course. The fishing days and courses are all carried out in “catch and release” to perpetuate the endemic species.

Professional and trainee insurance

Mr. Ludovic Briet, Professional Fishing Guide Monitor, has signed professional Civil Liability Insurance with UNSA, AN3S for the following activities: freshwater and sea fishing (on board and in boat) under the police number: 675047304 in accordance with articles L-321-1 and following of the Code of Sport.

You are required as a sports or leisure trainee to have personal liability insurance in case of damage caused by yourself, yourself or an object or a person. Therefore, Mr. Ludovic Briet cannot be held responsible.


The safety of people is a priority. Mr. Ludovic Briet will tell you at the beginning of the day the safe rules to follow depending on the type of fishing course you choose. On boat, the wearing of the vest remains mandatory in travel and at a stop in his company. Rivers are slippery and the bottom of these rivers can be unstable, so you can fall even with proper equipment. Fishing uses materials that can become hazardous (deep sting, cuts, electrical conduction, etc.) in case of misuse or non-compliance with safety rules imposed by Mr. Ludovic Briet and the manufacturers. Some fishes can bite and make a lot of damage wiht their teeth. No one can therefore ignore the dangerousness of this practice and it is everyone’s duty to respect the safety rules and to be assured.

The consumption of alcohol and/or narcotics is prohibited during fishing courses. Mr. Ludovic Briet’s liability cannot be questioned and Mr. Ludovic Briet reserves the right to refuse you in service if you arrive under the influence of alcohol or narcotics visible to avoid any incident.

Mr. Ludovic Briet reserves the right to cancel fishing courses on Lake Geneva or in the river if the weather conditions are dangerous or to shorten the day if the climate becomes unstable. No one will be able to oppose their safety choices.


You must be in sufficient shape to practice this sport. You know what you are physically capable of and concealing or failing to report any physical problem could not make Mr. Ludovic Briet responsible if incident / accident there is.

Registration – Settlement of fishing course, trainings and gift vouchers

It is done in writing with the booking form or by email. As soon as the agreement between the two parties is heard in writing (mail) on a specific fishing trainings and whatever its duration, Mr. Ludovic Briet will ask you to send him a down payment of a minimum of 200 euro (two hundred euro) per day of fishing course reserved for 1 trainee, 300 euro (three hundred euro) per day of fishing course reserved for 2 trainees and 450 euro (four hundred euro) per day of fishing course reserved for 3 trainees by bank check or bank transfer at the behest of Ludovic Briet – fishing guide (professional and postal bank details sent in the e-mail responding to your request).

An email confirming your final registration with the selected dates will be sent to you as soon as you receive your deposit. Registration must be completed at least 30 days before the start of the fishing course and trainings, except in exceptional cases. The remaining balance will be paid on the same day of the fishing course to Mr. Ludovic Briet or before if the trainees wish.

Gift vouchers will be paid in full when they are booked. They will not be taken back, refundable or transferable to a third party since they are nominal. The date must be set within one month of the gifting voucher based on our respective calendars. Their validity is for a period of one year from the time they are issued. If the date is not set in the month following the issuance of the gift vouchers, Mr. Ludovic Briet will offer you dates according to his calendar availability during the week as well as on weekends. Under no circumstances will the validity dates be changed unless written by Mr Ludovic Briet for a reason of « force majeure » discussed and justified in writing, emails or papers, with the participants concerned.

If a date is cancelled by an trainee, the amounts collected remain non-refundable. Gift vouchers are used in one go.


In case of cancellation by the trainee of the reserved date: More than 30 days before the start of the internship, an asset will be given to you by email but the instalments are kept with the possibility for the trainee to choose a new date on the current year according to the professional agenda of Mr. Ludovic Briet.

In the event of cancellation by the trainee of the date reserved in high season for fishing, from April to end of October: Less than 30 days before the start of the fishing course and trainings, the instalments paid are kept without the possibility of obtaining a new date except in case of serious injuries of the participants (medical certificate required) or if the date of the benefit could be resold for the same amount.

In the event of cancellation by Mr. Ludovic Briet: The climate may not be mild – dangerousness proven by winds or thunderstorms – Ludovic Briet reserves the right to cancel “for safety reasons” on the same day by giving the trainee the opportunity to choose a new date of the current or next year according to his professional agenda.

If the French State or its Ministries of Tutelle ask to suspend his professional activity for a « state reason », Mr. Ludovic Briet will automatically move his services already heard over a future period and chosen according to his professional agenda and that of his trainees.

* It also applies to gift vouchers except written by Mr. Ludovic Briet received by email.

Fishing license

A fishing license valid for the department where the fishing course and trainings take place is compulsory (public or private area), it is the responsibility of each trainee and daily or week licenses can be issued before or on the day of the fishing course by fishing associations, fishing shops or on the website of the French Fishing Federation.

General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD)

Prior to this implementation, Ludovic Briet, a Fishing Guide, never kept any information about the privacy of its trainees. Only contact email with its trainees is kept for exchanges between the two parties and for service announcements limited to 4 in the year.

At any time, once the email has been received, people can use an immediate opt-out link to the mailing list.

Price – Rates 2022 / 2023 :

Haute-Savoie river: 1 trainee, 350 euros – 2 trainees, 500 euros (250 euros per person of the same group) – 3 trainees, 675 euros (225 euros per person of the same group).

Ain, Savoie, Isere and Jura rivers (Albarine, Lower Ain River, Lower Bienne, Isere): 1 trainee, 450 euros – 2 trainees, 600 euros (300 euros per person of the same group) – 3 trainees, 750 euros (250 euros per person of the same group).

Lake Geneva by boat from of the port of Sciez : 1 trainee, 450 euros – 2 trainees, 600 euros (300 euros per person of the same group) – 3 trainees, 750 euros (250 euros per person of the same group).

For reasons of well-being and understanding between people, no group will be formed with people who do not know each other.