A Christmas gift that makes you happy

The choice of a gift is based on the criterion of “pleasure” to the loved one… That’s why I can help you to find the “good” gift by targeting the essentials.

You can choose the date of the fishing course and trainings, the number of days, the fishing technique, the fishing spot, the fish wanted and the number of participants (max 3 pers. who come together).

If you doubt the subject of the fishing day to offer, I propose you a gift voucher with the name of the beneficiary, leaving it to him to define what he wants as a fishing technique – fly, natural baits or lure – as well as the final date.

The gift voucher you offer is made in the recipient’s name and surname, in photo quality and printable version from nature fishing photos taken from my personalized fishing course and trainings.

The gift voucher is valid one year from its issue date and I undertake to send it to you by email within 24 hours of your confirmation.

Every year, I make many gift vouchers for people looking for a fun time fishing to offer.
You want to please your husband, your child, family or a friend,
look no further, you have found the good gift !

Offer a gift voucher for a course or a day of fishing :

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